We offer Tracknack for a simple all-inclusive price.


A slice of cake

  • Automatically updated Spotify playlist
  • Up to 10 follows
  • Weekly playlist updates


A full cake

Billed annually

$6 billed monthly

14 days for free

  • Automatically updated Spotify playlist
  • Unlimited follows
  • Custom update intervals
  • Spotify followed artist sync
  • AI recommendations
  • Automated playlist clean-up
  • Condensed mode

What am I paying for?

Future features

If, like us, you love to discover new music, we’d be excited to create cool new features to make Tracknack even more powerful, for example, personalized music recommendations, or deeper ways to explore discographies.

Control over music discovery

Spotify's algorithmic playlists are by and large black boxes and feature promoted content. By using Tracknack you determine, which artists or labels you want to stay up to date with ultimately supporting them with more streams when they release new music.

No ads or sponsored content

Keeping Tracknack up and running costs us money every month. We currently want to avoid ads or sponsored content to make Tracknack sustainable.

Plan comparison



Follow artists and labelsUp to 10Unlimited
Automatically updated Spotify playlist
Personalized recommendations
Playlist update email notifications
Playlist update intervalsWeeklyCustom intervals
AI recommendationsBasicBetter
Follow recently listened artists and labels
Import Spotify followed artists
Manual playlist updates
Sync Spotify followed artists with Tracknack
Import followed label data from Label Love
Automated removal of old tracks
Condensed mode

Frequently asked questions

What’s a follow?

How can I follow producers and songwriters and not just solo artists?

How is this different from Release Radar?

How do AI recommendations work?

How can I cancel my Tracknack Premium subscription?

Have an idea or feedback?

If you have any comments about Tracknack or would like Tracknack to have a specific feature, let us know via email!