How is this different from MusicButler?

High accuracy, automatic playlist updates and the ability to follow producers, songwriters, and record labels are all features that distinguish Tracknack from MusicButler.

Follow artists featured in album credits

Follow artists featured in album credits

While MusicButler tracks solo artists only, Tracknack is able to track producers, songwriters, composers or sound engineers that don’t even have a dedicated profile on Spotify.

Follow record labels

Follow record labels

If you enjoy following record labels that tend to put out music you like, with Tracknack you can get their latest releases automatically. MusicButler does not currently support this.

Tracknack playlist

Automatic playlist updates

Both MusicButler and Tracknack send email notifications when new music is released, but Tracknack delivers all new releases straight to a custom playlist in your Spotify account.

Higher accuracy image

High accuracy

Tracknack is built from ground up to only notify you about releases from artists you actually follow. Since many artists share the same name, Tracknack has features to prevent adding unwanted tracks to your playlist.

Discover by musical connection

Discover by musical connection

Tracknack allows you to explore artists, labels or even tracks added to your playlist to find more artists and labels to follow.

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If you have any comments about Tracknack or would like Tracknack to have a specific feature, let us know via email!