Tracknack digs deep

It's difficult enough to keep up to date with your favorite artists' solo releases, not to mention their contributions as producers and other releases by the labels they're signed on. Tracknack helps you stay on top!

Tracknack feature illustration: follow artists or labels.

Follow artists and record labels

Follow producers, songwriters, mixing engineers and record labels you care about. You'll be notified as soon as your playlist is ready.

Tracknack feature illustration: the app creates a Spotify playlist.

Get an automated Spotify playlist

A Spotify playlist will be created for you and kept up to date with the latest releases by artists or labels you follow.

Tracknack feature illustration: app sends email updates.

Stay up to date

Receive email updates when new tracks get added to your playlist. See exactly why specific tracks have been added.

Tracknack feature illustration: app shows artists and labels who frequently collaborate and who to follow.

Discover by connections

Follow frequent collaborators of your favorite artists. Find out about other labels they appear on.

Tracknack feature illustration: app recommends who to follow using ChatGPT.

Discover more with AI

Tracknack uses ChatGPT by OpenAI to recommend artists and labels you might like.

What's under the hood

Tracknack combines data from Discogs and Spotify to find out who worked on what and what label was it released on.

The data is then used to find new music for you and to provide deeper insights about it.

Tracknack functionality illustration: the app cobines data from Discogs and Spotify to find new music and provide insights.

Who's making this

Photo of the maker of the Tracknack app Viesturs Marnauza.

Hi, I'm Viesturs and I got the idea to make Tracknack after I launched Label Love a few years ago.

I enjoy tinkering with new ways to discover music and aim to take Tracknack many steps further than Label Love in terms of both feature set and technical execution.

Photo of the designer and the front-end developer of the Tracknack app Līva Raita.

Hi, I'm Līva, a UX/UI designer and front-end developer. 👋

I come from the field of art and design, art history, and cognitive science. The symbiosis of art and science led me to UX/UI design and product development.

Check out my portfolio to learn more about my projects.

Have an idea or feedback?

If you have any comments about Tracknack or would like Tracknack to have a specific feature, let us know via or email!