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What’s a follow?

What’s a creator?

How is this different from Release Radar?

What do you do with my Spotify profile data?

What’s in the future for Tracknack?


Do you offer a free trial of Premium features?

Why is Tracknack not free?

How can I cancel my Tracknack Premium subscription?


Will I get notified when my playlist is updated?

Help! There are too many tracks in my playlist.

Can I delete tracks from my playlist?

What happens if I delete my Tracknack playlist?

Will the Tracknack playlist be public on my Spotify profile?

How are tracks selected for the playlist?

Is there a way to prevent Tracknack from adding tracks I’ve already heard?

Have an idea or feedback?

If you have any comments about Tracknack or would like Tracknack to have a specific feature, let us know via or email!